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24th April 19
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St. John’s School Uniform.

At St. John’s we expect our children to wear our uniform on a daily basis. This uniform consists of the following items:

• A white polo shirt preferably with the school logo embroidered,

• A red sweatshirt or cardigan preferably with the school logo embroidered on to it,

• Grey school trousers, skirt or pinafore dress,

• White socks & Black Shoes. Children will not be permitted to wear trainers or shoes with heels around school unless it is for a specific event previously agreed to by the Headteacher.

• Children in the Early Year setting would greatly benefit from Wellingtons and waterproof jackets as we spend a lot of time outside using our outdoor classroom. We do get very wet and dirty!!!


Our Physical Education Kit should remain in school at all times and consist of:

• A white round neck T shirt,

• A pair of black shorts and a pair of black pumps or trainers.

It is our policy at St. John’s that all jewellery other than a wrist watch must not to be worn. Children with pierced ears may wear one stud in each ear, but will be asked to remove them for certain lessons such as PE for their own safety. This is both school and Local Authority policy aimed at preventing injury to both themselves and others around them.

Please refrain from allowing your child to bring toys, games or mobile phones into school as the school cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss.

Great Harwood St. John's School Uniform.


School Trends - School uniform supplier


As a  school we pride ourselves on having a school uniform which identifies the pupils who attend our school, from others in the local community. The majority of our school uniform can be purchased from any local clothes retail shops. However as an option to make it easier for parents, you can now order, pay and have uniform delivered to your own home.  

School Trends is not affiliated with school and is just an option for you to consider.

If you wish to order your child's school uniform from this site then please click on the logo above.